February 18, 2015

Cursed Tome Complete
(Do Not Open!)

(click to zoom)
Just a quick update today. I manage to start and finish a model in less than 24 hours, which isn't something that happens often, luckily this model was tiny enough and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with each part of it which help immensely in its speedy completion. I also sculpted the little lock on the side of the book; this is a cursed tome for one of my DnD groups that my character is carrying around, but can't open. Not sure if I'll ever need a model for it, but I saw it on Reaper and just had to nab it. I didn't take quality pics with this one with its size and my phone's crappy camera prevented me from getting a good shot with my lightbox, but this will give you an idea. In any case, more posts coming soon!

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