January 1, 2015

Look What I Did: 2014

2014 wasn't without its setbacks, and I certainly didn't get as much finished as I wanted in the hobby area of my life, but the models I did complete I'm very happy with. Below is essentially just a picture dump from all the projects I worked on this year. Enjoy!

Throughout the year I managed to finish some 40K:

And even ran through some sculpting for 40K:

As well as get some gaming in:

I also created a cake topper for my friends' wedding:

Tried some new techniques:

Taught someone how to hone their painting skills:

But as far as my projects went, personally, I did plenty this year. Including some WMH:

And of course, some miniatures for DnD:

As far as the hobby goes, it was a very productive year full of fun and projects I'm quite happy with in their finished form. Here's to 2015!

Total Tally: 41 Models Completed

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