June 7, 2012

Conversion: Scarab Bases

"When life gives you lemons; just say "f*** the lemons" and bail." Truer words have never been spoken, probably. Hello and welcome back. This week I've got a kitbash of sorts that stemmed from a happy accident. You see, I've been wanting to get some special characters into my lists even though most of them aren't worth it strategy-wise. This is more for how super-neato they look and things of that sort. So having purchased an Imotekh model I thought having some average base under its feet wasn't going to do, this guy needs something that will stand out. Enter Puppetswar and their unique and captivating line of copyright infringing, resin cast miniatures.

After checking out the snapshots of their "Cyber Undead Bases" (come on PW, who are you kidding?..) I knew this would be a perfect base collection for the three or so Independent Characters I end up with and bought some Canoptek Sca...err, Cyber Beetles for some added flair. Unfortunately when they came in the mail they turned out to be Terminator-sized bases instead of the standard base size; something that had never crossed my mind as a possibility. So after weighing the options of spending hours grinding these things down to a standard base size or skipping the middle-man and just driving an x-acto knife through my skull I decided to set them aside until it occurred to me I had the start of a scarab farm list on my table.

And that's exactly what I did, after ordering more scarabs and bases of course. Picture dump time! No real explanations needed for these:
I'm a fan of how these turned out and while the scarab farm list isn't really my playstyle, it'll be fun to give it a shot.

Next week: Crypteks.


  1. They look cool, I was a bit like yourself, not a huge fan of the Scarab farm (love Wraiths too much lol), but yeah, I wanted to play them for some fun, and my green stuff Scarabs were very cheap to do, so why not!:D

  2. I've seen your scarab farm; some very nice work. I attempted resin casting the 5 I had from the 3rd edition codex, but realized the price wasn't much less than this option and requires a stupid amount of work along with a bunch of trial and error.. I haven't really mastered GS molds, yet unfortunately.. Good luck with the farm, sir!