June 21, 2012

Conversion: Magnetizing A Barge

A Barge Kind Of Like This, Only Without The Party Slide

Those who have been reading this blog for a long while may remember my previous title; the self-proclaimed Magnet Pro. Those skills didn't just spiral down the drain, of course. I use them when necessary and even sometimes when it's not necessary... In this instance, however, it was the only option I saw. Months ago, the plan was to have an easy way to switch between a Catacomb Command Barge and a Annihilation Barge quickly and easily. This is the result of the experimentation. More after the jump.

First, when constructing the vehicle, stop before you glue this piece in-place and glue four 3/16 x 1/32 magnets like so:

Next for some 1/16 x 1/32 magnets, carefully drill tiny 1/16th holes in the AnnBarge's gun emplacement...

...the CCB's Overlord's railing...

...and the Overlord's feet.

You'll need to be very careful when doing so as the Overlord's feet and the AnnBarge's gun emplacement are very shallow and the CCB's railing doesn't leave much room for error. Finally, slap some magnets on a base for the Overlord:

And there you have it:

Granted, it took me months to actually post this, but hopefully someone has been living under a rock and has been helped by this.

Later days.

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