November 11, 2015

Shadowseer Complete
(Now Ya' Seer, Now Ya' Don't)

The second to the last piece of this army is complete, and I think it turned out great considering I just kept tossing idea after idea into this thing as I went along. I must admit, having read a Harlequin novel where a Shadowseer pumped narcotics into a large area causing others to hallucinate was a driving force behind this finished product from the transition of colors, to the spotted effects, to the teal hallucinogenic smoke pumping out; it was all new to me as I went along and I'm lucky as hell it turned out as well as it did. More pics after the jump.

The blending work was a real challenge as I paint models in pieces and, once finished, I piece it all together. I made guess-work of where the black-to-dark-purple-to-purple-to-green transitions would occur on the whole thing. Again...lucky.

Until next time.


  1. Very nice. Great touch with the hallucinogens pumping out the back :)