September 17, 2015

More Zombies Complete
(Mooooore Braaaaains...)

This time I've got more zombies up for my DnD character. Seeing as how I read the rules on the Animate Dead spell wrong for months, I've been severely under-utilizing zombies. No more! So having just received my Kings of War Kickstarter undead army in the mail, the timing was perfect. More pics after the jump.

I went quick and sloppy with this these guys (giggity), using basic techniques and a lot of "messin' around" with my paints. It's good to have these projects to break the monotony of precision. For these I primed them a flesh color, used GW Dryad Bark for their clothing, various grimy colors for their hair, a thin layer of GW Coelia Greenshade over the skin and then a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade over the whole model to get them grimy. Next I used P3 Necrotic Green and P3 Morrow White to get their eyes glowing. After that was basing (can you tell from my last few posts I'm trying to get rid of all of the flock I have?) Finally I used GW Blood for the Blood God for the blood effects and SW Clay Brown pigment for dirt here and there.
And that's about it, the whole process taking 2-3 hours for twelve of these minions.

Until next time.

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