September 11, 2012

Shout Out: Warhammer 40k Never Sounded So Good

When it comes to music and 40k, most of our minds go straight to either Noise Marines or some sort of Eldar orgy, either way it involves Slaanesh. I can't vouch for the slut-god's involvement in this project, but I can assure you it's some good stuff. Maybe not Eldar orgy good, but no one can boast that claim. Anyway, my buddy Colin (also known as Dethtron) from over at HOP, if you didn't know, has a band that has some Warhammer influence and is some good listening to boot! And now, they're asking for your help to go mainstream. More info after the jump.

Their band's name is Crusader and if you're a metal-head and love 40k, you'll enjoy their sound. Here's a little message from the man himself:

"I'm writing today to ask for a wee bit of support.  We're in the middle of recording a full length album, but doing so without the backing of a label.  This means we're self-financing the entire endeavor.  I'll spare you all the details, but suffice to say, this is phenomenally expensive. 

We are hoping to raise some of the additional capital we need to finish this project through Kickstarter, where we're pre-selling the album in several formats and offering other exclusive swag for our backers."

Now, what can you do? Whether you'd like to pitch in on their Kickstarter or just spread the word, any and all help is appreciated. Here's some links to get you started:

Youtube (Live recording of the song "Thunderkill")
Reverb Nation
iTunes (For their previous EP)
Amazon MP3 (For their previous EP)

And for a taste of their lyrics and to show a little 40k influence:

Can you see the force approach?
See the tempest in the sky?
The hour of reckoning now at hand
As loyal warriors they die.
The battlefield is scattered
With wounded, dying men
Blood spilling on the ashen ground
Finding solace in their death.
From the other realm he walks,
A war-hammer in his hands,
The earth it trembles under foot
On the blood-soaked war-torn lands.
Vengeance burning in his eyes,
As the heresy unfolds,
His anger tearing through the night
As battle lust takes hold…
Sons turned against their father,
And the Imperium of Man,
Siding with the Chaos Gods
The lost and the damned.
The clash of mighty beings
Is written upon the stars,
As he hammers forth his justice
In the bloodiest of wars…

So even if you're not a fan of the metal influence, help out a fellow gamer to reach his dream by spreading the word or dropping in a few bucks. That's all it takes!

Until next time.

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  1. There needs to be more war hammer influenced bands out there. The only ones I know of are your friends and Boltthrower.