February 5, 2011

Shout Out:
The Codex Project

Welcome back. This week I've got a treat for all of you Home-brewers out there. While I'm always a fan of homemade intoxication products, I don't mean you owners of Blichman products. I'm talking about you 40kers that have the beast inside you, incapable of being satisfied with what GW has provided. Did they do the rules incorrectly? Did they not include an army that you think should have a codex right next to the Dark Angels? Honestly, I think we all have these thoughts. You read a few books from the Black Library and your imagination will become your own personal masochist for your future gaming experiences. The beast within; this is what forces you to take action. This is what sits you down on a Tuesday afternoon and compels you to tack away at the keyboard for hours with one goal: Do things better. With probably a side goal: nachos. For those of you with this drive, there's a place to call home. More after the jump.
The Codex Project is an "officially certified" location for collaboration of Home-brewers. The website is in its early stages of development, but you can bet this is going to blow up. I, as you know, have my own home-brew codex for the Adeptus Mechanicus in the works, so you can probably guess my excitement about the TCP. After the next version of my FanDex is out I'll be submitting it for approval from TCP as soon as I can. In the mean time, this gives me a solid goal to work towards as TCP doesn't accept any and all home-brew rules. Projects are approved for their site based on balance for one, so the FanDex in its current state I can't imagine would get anything more than a laugh. I have mentioned before that point costs were lowered significantly to allow more units to get playtested. In the newer version coming out this month (that's right, February,) point costs will be brought back into the normal realm of things and the FanDex as whole should have a lot more clean feel to it. So bookmark The Codex Project, and keep a lookout for updates from me on the AdMech FanDex.

Later days.


  1. And a worthy shout at that, what a great idea. Thanks for the heads up Lantz; although there goes what little time I didn't have left ;)

  2. Ah the burden of 40k; the ungodly amount of time it takes to do...well, anything.

  3. But... but... I haven't finished commenting the last codex. Oh well. I'll just delete the PDF and wait for the new one.

  4. lol, that's probably best. The difference between the first beta and the next one is night and day in my opinion. It really helps getting a lot of people's take on something you've created and can edit. I'm not people pleasing in the changes, but the things you'll sit there and ask yourself whether it's a good idea or not are slammed back in your face if they were indeed a bad idea.

  5. I like the sound of the site. Hopefully they can get some fairly balanced codexes developed. And maybe some variants on the current codexes.

  6. Indeed.

    It's PnP night, Lemon. And you're not here. I am sad.