August 24, 2009

Bike Conversion

Last time I showed my Predator/Rhino conversion setup, but didn't really explain how I did it. So, until I purchase another Predator, that will have to suffice. For now, I decided I didn't want to buy 3 SM bikes with side cars and 3 without. So here's what I decided to do:

First, looking at the bottom of the bike that's already built (or not completely built, it's up to you;) we'll shave out a cylinder-like hole for a good ol' 3/16" dia. x 1/32" thick cylinder rare earth magnet to be placed in. For speed, I used a dremmel tool. Make the whole deep enough so that it's completely below the surface of the underside of the bike:

Next, you'll want to take an finished or unfinished side car base and shave down the tab that sticks out. This is the tab that will match up with the magnet you've placed under your bike. Note that I shaved down the underside of the side car's tab:

What it looks like before any shaving is done...

Third, take the corner of the side car base that would normally be glued next to the bike's back wheel and shave out a corner. Place another magnet here, but it will stick out some from the plastic--this is what should happen. For some reason I didn't take a picture of a cleaned up shave on this corner, but these 2 pictures should be enough to give you an idea of placement, just don't leave your corner all unflat like the picture suggests. Also note, this will be ontop of the side car base, not under (like with the 2nd step with the tab):

Fourth, glue a magnet on the bike so it matches up with the magnet we just placed in step 3. It looks like I forgot to make a picture for this, but it should be obvious where the magnet on the bike needs to be placed.

Fifth, cut one of your magnets in half. This can be quite a chore, and after doing this 3 times I broke my fingernail clippers... With such a small item to cut, I'm curious about alternatives to breaking clippers if anyone has any! Place one half right in the snug spot provided by the side-car's SM's right foot. My half of a magnet broke in half again while placing it in this picture, but it works just fine:

Sixth, place the other half-magnet in the matching spot on the bike:

And that's about it! Now you should be able to attach and reattach your side car whenever it's needed:

If you find yourself not able to decide between a Bolter and a Melta for the side-car, don't! Go magnet crazy, I say!:

This will also add some fun movement to the gun as well:

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