November 16, 2019

Acknowledging Acknowledgement

Just wanted to pop in to show off a mention I got from Ganesha Games in their most recent 4AD release; Digressions of the Devouring Dead. I'm truly honored to be mentioned in this book, it absolutely made my whole week (though I'm still puzzled on how they ended up finding my rulebook from over 3 years ago.) Anyway, if you haven't played 4AD before, I highly recommend it. The core system of the game is so simple, yet incredibly engrossing and fun. And for only 8 bucks, you can't go wrong. I haven't played Digressions of the Devouring Dead yet, but the price point on it (and really all of Ganesha Games' content) is fantastic as well.
As for the hobby, I sold off most of my miniature crafting/painting stuff, so I wouldn't expect my hiatus to end anytime soon, unfortunately. That's all from me for now! Later days.

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