October 1, 2011

WIP - WarMachine Bane Thralls

I feel happy!

Hello! Long time no chat, I hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to pop in and say "I'm not dead," and show you what I have been working on. I should bring my laptop to work more often :-). Up yours "The Man"!

I've been working on quite a bit actually, just haven't found time to post. Currently I am on a WarMachine kick  and have been painting up some Bane Thralls. Take a look see:

As you can see I am going against the grain and trying to make them more "Ethereal" and look like the artist's rendering in the book. They are described as these phantasmal beings that draw in the light and steal your breath. It just didn't feel right having them clank around in quasi-realistic full plate. 

As always questions and comments are welcome.

Have a Good One

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  1. IceStation: I really like this gritty and dark look. In my opinion steampunk always looks better when it has some grit to it.