June 26, 2011

An introduction and a short questionnaire

Greetings and salutations! For those of you that don't know me I am Ghengis Vaughn, one of the other members of Twin Linked Awesome and the former author from The Midnight Shift. I'm afraid our favorite Mechanicus Martian is under the weather today so I thought what better way to fill some space than a quick get to know you and then an interactive quiz at the end. Join me wont you?

It all started when I got a house. This house had a basement. A friend of mine offered me a starter Imperial Guard army for free if he could store his stuff and play Warhammer in said basement. An addiction was born. At first I thought I was going to be a champion tourney player making my way around the local circuit and winning my way to new models and fame. I then played the game... Sun Tzu I am not. I found out that the fluff and hobby was way more fun and I have been bouncing around from army to army painting and modding ever since. Now I will rate my magnet modding skills as quite a step back from Lantz but I do enjoy putting the brush to models. That's where you come in.

Now how do they work again?

As mentioned before, I have an Imperial Guard army. This was back when I thought I was going to set the world on fire with my "Mad Tacticz" as it were. I didn't know a lick about painting so I just went with the back of the box. I thought that was the Imperial Guard team colors. It didn't even cross my mind that you could paint them differently. Now that my painting skills have improved I have been looking over my IG and wondering if I couldn't do it better a 2nd time around. For that I will need your help. You see, I am very indecisive when it comes to projects and I tend to lose focus quickly. However, if I have a project with goals that I can sink my teeth into then I find I am much more driven to get stuff done. So without further to-do let me show you our 3 options so we can get crackin'.

The Contestants Please

First is my original paint scheme "The Fighting Four Fifteenth"

This is your standard back of the boxer right here. Tan pants, green armor, nothing you haven't seen before. This is what the finished product of my first army painting attempt looked like. Fluff wise I see them as a straight up IG army force. Nothing fancy, just get in there and pound face.

Next we have the "Four Hundred and Fifteenth Freedom Fighters" 

Now for this model I went for a much more "urban commando" scheme. I really like how the base turned out for this one. I used green stuff and pressed my basing rocks directly into the putty, it makes for a very convincing concrete. Fluff wise I am thinking that these are fierce city liberators that take back the streets from the forces of evil block by block.

Finally, we have "The Fallen Four Fifteen"

These guys are a little less than loyal to the Emperor. A simple scheme again but this time with pox! I got the bug for this look when I read about the Disciples of Contagion in the Imperial Armor Assault on Varkas book (Part Three). I see them bouncing from planet to planet denouncing the Empires good name and generally causing mayhem.

So there you have it. I will post a small poll on the left hand of the screen for you to place your opinions. You'll have 30 days from today to make your votes. Afterwords I will announce the "winner" and track the progress here on the blog. I figure with my schedule and workload I can get about a squad done and posted in about a month.

In closing I would like to say I am very happy to be writing here and meeting some of you for the first time. As always feel free to leave comments/criticism in the space below. 

Have a good one.



  1. Well, I'm a fan of non-poster-boy paint styles, so the standard one is already out in my books.

    The urban guys, I love the look, and the image of brutal city warfare, but at the same time I'm a Chaos disciple at heart... so either will please me!

  2. The Fallen Four Fifteenth all the way... this is why...

    1. You can play them as traitors, spoiled by Nurgle... blah, blah, blah...

    or you can play them with character...

    2. Loyalists, plaugued by Nurgle, hunted by Chaos and Imperial alike. Great opportunity to 'model' units and such... plundered vehicles... recruits that are unspoiled and trying to help the 415 redeem themselves... a progression of 'tainted' leadership starting from the simple pox on sergeants to completely tainted 'stuff' on colonels.

    I'll be in the corner... washing my hands after writing this...


  3. I am torn between my love of Chaos and of Snake Plissken's awesome urban camo pants. In the end my vote will always go with chaos, but your traitor guard do not need to share a single color scheme. They could be a ragtag band made up of several guard units all of which have their own uniforms.

  4. Urban Commando buddy. I dig that paint scheme a great deal. Do you have any general ideas on how you are going to paint up your tanks and troop transports?

  5. @ Tarragon I know right? I just couldn't decide myself either. That's why I am making you do it ;)

    @ Captain Kellen Oooh, like that. trying to keep their integrity when everyone else has forsaken them. All the while succumbing to the rot.

    @ IceStation Lemon yeah, that would give me more leeway on what I could paint and would also lend itself to my flighty/spastic nature.

    @ Midean01 thx :). As for the tanks I am waning to paint them w/my air brush so something I can make a stencil with out of regular paper and then apply as needed.

  6. I was going to say Commando all the way until you described the traitors... I'm so very torn right now, I can't even vote yet!