November 17, 2010

AdMech FanDex Is Here!

After months of work (and play) it's time to unravel what you all have been waiting  patiently ("patiently" being a loose term) for. The Adeptus Mechanicus are up for download at a link further into the post, and I encourage anyone and everyone, including your Grandmother, to take a gander.

First and foremost, though, I have to go over the less-than-exciting setup and ground rules for open-beta playtesting of the FanDex.
Jesus tap-dancing Christ...

Artwork/Contest Submissions
First off, a few details about the FanDex in its current state. The cover for the open-beta is currently a work of beautiful art by Eric Duffield. While I really love this piece for the cover, I'm going to open a contest of sorts to the community for the cover. If you can create something that sets the mood for this FanDex in cover-picture form that really wows me, I'll use it for the 5th Edition version of this FanDex's final product. Note that you need only create the picture as I will handle the codex-border, wording and 40k logo.
Submissions will need to be sent to Sinaura40k(at)gmail(dot)com.
Creepy white guys with afros need not apply.

Along those same lines, you'll notice that the profile pictures for units in the codex are currently not filled. The original idea was for me to create my models for these units and use those as the pictures for each unit's page. Just like with the cover; while I still like the current direction, anyone who submits a picture of their model-work that I feel is perfect for a unit's page will get it placed in the 5th Edition version of this FanDex's final product. The same goes for tidbits of artwork tossed into vacant spots left in the FanDex (and there's plenty of those.)
Submissions will need to be sent to Sinaura40k(at)gmail(dot)com.

Open-Beta Help
This is, as I've stated, an open-beta. Meaning, this is not a finished product by any means. In order to make this a finished product, I need the community's help. The idea for open-beta is for all of you lovely faces out there to take the FanDex and playtest it yourself all the while taking note on improvements, comments and constructive criticism that I can use to continue down the road to completion. This is by far the most important step in this open-to-the-public process we're entering, and so, there are going to be rules in place for how I receive this information.

First and foremost, I'm posting this in a lot of different locations on the intarwebz to get the word out to as many AdMech fans as possible. However, checking each posting location frequently is a task I'm not willing to go through with. So while you may have been linked here from Dakka or the 11th Company forums, I will not be checking these areas for the aforementioned improvements, comments and constructive criticism on a regular basis. I still frequent several forums, but if you want to insure I see your feedback for the FanDex it's infinitely better to send me email.

I Repeat! Feedback For The
FanDex Is Best Received Via Email!

Feedback Do's
When relaying information to me on the FanDex, there are things that I will read and take into consideration thoroughly, such as: Rule changes based off detailed experience or examples are most welcomed. Point cost changes and comparisons are also something I'm looking for en mass. Also, battle reports of any kind using my FanDex are something I'm looking for as well. Even if you don't have suggestions for me, I love to read/view these and it can help in the process of ironing out how the FanDex works.
Good Jorb!

Feedback Don'ts
While there are many things I'm looking for, there are of course many things I will look at for 3.18 seconds and quickly delete from my inbox without remorse. Such things include: An email consisting of one sentence void of punctuation and a furious hatred for the English language as a whole. Emails consisting of comments like, "I hate this unit, it sucks." and the like are not helpful nor constructive and will cause me to want to punch you in the nads. Furthermore telling me something along the lines of "I haven't read your FanDex yet, but you should add this unit in! Hurp-a-durp!" will get removed from my inbox so quickly your CPU will feel the backlash.
And trust me on this one, I loooooove my delete key.

I'll add to the "Do's" and "Don'ts" as needed, but this should outline what my wants for feedback on playtesting from the masses. I'd like to reiterate that the feedback I receive is extremely important and my planned completion date of January 2011 lies solely on the 40k community.

Do It Yourself
While I could sit here 'till I'm blue in the face and ask everyone not to make any changes themselves to this FanDex, I realize it's going to happen. I would prefer that no one edit this work, yes. But there are those out there that will, and I've accepted that.
Just know, you're a douche-tuba. Congratulations on all of your success.
For now, the location for downloading the FanDex will be here. And a mirrors will be here and here. The current format for the FanDex is PDF, and it will always be PDF. It will be PDF today and PDF tomorrow. The format will never be WP(x), TXT, RFT, DOC(x) or WPS. If you're wondering if this will ever change; it won't so don't ask. And if you ask anyway, the answer is no.
And if you ask "how come?" The answer is shut up.

Quick Comments
For anyone wanting to pop in for a quick comment on what you think, feel more than free to post a comment here at

I will continue to put large updates in separate posts and quick updates at the link in the top-right corner.

Later days.

Thanks to the "kind" folks at Dakka, I suppose I need to include why point costs are so low compared to similar/identical units in other current armies out there. This first version I'm putting out has reduced point costs almost all the way across the board. This is purposeful as I'm wanting playtesting by myself and you lovely people to fit in as many different units as possible. My hope is that this will reveal more "hiccups" in the rules themselves (Unit A can't function with Unit B because of Rule C). Not this coming version, but the version after this coming one will have point costs leveled back out. As always, if you have any questions let me know!


  1. Yay, the wait is over! I will proceed to inload this and process it as part of my daily ruminations.

  2. I haven't read it yet, but I think you need to add more dinosaurs. and grammer is teh suck11!!1

    Seriously, this codex has a lot of inventive units and ideas. I encourage anyone who prays to the Emperor regularly to check it out.

  3. I have read the codex though, and so far i think just about all the units in it are seriously overpowered.

  4. For their point costs? Dear god, yes.

    But as I've noted numerous times, point costs were set very low almost across the board in order to get as many units tested per game as possible. In the next version point costs will be balanced.

  5. Nice post! Thanks and keep on sharing.